DT_INTS-14     a.k.a. "Instant Interrupts" for PicBasic Pro

NEW! Updated version 1.10, now works with 16F1xxx Enhanced Core PIC's.

This is a series of include files that simplify the process of creating interrupt driven programs for PicBasic Pro

Once you try this, you may never use ON INTERRUPT again.

Assembly language Interrupts
Basic language Interrupts
Both ASM and Basic interrupts in the same program
Service Multiple Interrupt sources
Prioritized execution order
Very easy to use

No ON INTERRUPT "Code Bloat"
No ON INTERRUPT " I'll service your interrupt  whenever I feel like it." mentality.
One of the best things about this system, is that you don't have to remember where all the Enable bits and Interrupt flags are located.

Each interrupt "source" is given a unique name that is used to reference it. The system "Looks Up" the correct bit locations for that name.   Reducing those RTFM sessions to a minimum.   The table to the right lists the Named Interrupts.

Several new interrupt sources have been added in version 1.00. GPC_INT, IOC_INT, RAC_INT, RABC_INT and the original RBC_INT are all forms of Port Change Interrupts. The chip being programmed determines which one you need to use.
Available Interrupt Sources   14-bit
 INT_INT  -- INT External Interrupt
 RBC_INT    -- RB Port Change Interrupt
 TMR0_INT   -- TMR0 Overflow Interrupt 16F
 TMR1_INT   -- TMR1 Overflow Interrupt
 TMR2_INT   -- TMR2 to PR2 Match Interrupt
 TX_INT     -- USART Transmit Interrupt
 RX_INT     -- USART Receive Interrupt
 AD_INT     -- A/D Converter Interrupt
 CMP_INT    -- Comparator Interrupt
 EE_INT     -- EEPROM/FLASH Write Operation
 PSP_INT    -- Parallel Slave Port Read/Write
 SSP_INT    -- Master Synchronous Serial Port
 BUS_INT    -- Bus Collision Interrupt
 CCP1_INT   -- CCP1 Interrupt
 CCP2_INT   -- CCP2 Interrupt
New in Version 1.00
GPC_INT -- GPIO Int On Change IOC_INT -- Int On Change RAC_INT -- RA Port Change RABC_INT -- RAB Port Change T1GATE_INT -- Timer1 Gate TMR4_INT -- TMR4 - PR4 Match TMR6_INT -- TMR6 - PR6 Match SSP1_INT -- (M)SSP module 1 BUS1_INT -- Bus Collision 1 SSP2_INT -- (M)SSP module 2 BUS2_INT -- Bus Collision 2 CCP3_INT -- CCP3 CCP4_INT -- CCP4 CCP5_INT -- CCP5 CMP1_INT -- Comparator 1 CMP2_INT -- Comparator 2 OSCF_INT -- Oscillator Fail LVD_INT -- Low-Voltage Detect LCD_INT -- LCD controller CRYPT_INT -- KeeLoq Cryptographic USB_INT -- USB 16C745/765 only ALL_INT -- Global Interrupts
Current Version is 1.10

DT_INTS-14 ver 1.10
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